Námskeið Hugbúnaðarsetursins 2015

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The Lightroom–Photoshop Connection

The path from Lightroom to Photoshop is a common one if you manage your images in Lightroom, but need to take advantage of Photoshop’s precise editing capabilities. In this section we’ll explore this path in detail, so you can be sure that any edits you apply in Photoshop and then save back to Lightroom can be accessed again with all their functionality (i.e., layers, masks, etc.) intact.

Selections & Masking

A lot of the editing in Photoshop revolves around making selections and masks so you can create precision adjustments or compositing effects. In this segment you’ll learn the many ways to create selections, techniques for working with the image rather than against it when making selections, as well ways that you can improve and refine layer masks so they create exactly the type of effect you need.

Working Non-Destructively with Layers & Smart Objects

Photoshop provides many ways to apply your edits so that the underlying pixels in the image are never altered. This makes it easy to modify the image if you (or your client) require that changes be made. In this section we’ll dive deep into some of the many ways you can use Layers, Adjustment Layers, Layer Masks, Layer Clipping Groups, Smart Objects and Smart Filters to edit images.


Practical Compositing

Selections layers and masks are all vital components in creating composite images. In this session we’ll take a look at using these tools and skills to create practical composites, such as multi-image panoramas that require extra work, composites for commercial purposes, or even for something as simple as replacing someone’s head in a group photo. We’ll use Auto-Align Layers, Auto Blend Layers, the transformational tools, and layer masks to make fine tuning adjustments.

Creative Compositing

We’ll finish off the day with a session devoted to the creative composite. All compositing can be creative, of course, but our focus here will be on surreal and whimsical scenes such as those that might be used to portray the world of dreams, memory, or fictional locations. We’ll use adjustment layers, layer masks, layer blending modes and advanced blending techniques to create these imaginary scenes.

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